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Q: What is the National Partnership Against Modern Slavery?

A: The Partnership brings together a variety of stakeholders working to end modern slavery in Australia, to foster collective knowledge, share good practice and develop collaborative responses.

The Partnership is an online community where members can have discussions, ask questions, share resources and updates, and network directly with other professionals on modern slavery issues.

Q: What is the purpose of the Partnership?

A: The Partnership aims to facilitate greater collaboration and dialogue between a greater number and range of stakeholders in the modern slavery area. It is not intended to replace direct communication between individuals and organisations through other existing channels. Any members wishing to make reports or referrals, particularly on urgent matters, should contact individuals and organisations through their direct websites, email addresses and/or phone numbers.

Q: What issues are covered by the Partnership?

A: The Partnership is focused on modern slavery in Australia, which includes human trafficking, slavery and slavery-like practices such as forced marriage. While the focus is on the Australian context, members can also explore international practices and research where this is relevant to their work.

The Partnership does not aim to address issues that fall outside of modern slavery, including people smuggling and substandard work conditions, although these issues may be relevant to discussions on modern slavery within the community e.g. exploring the intersections.

Q: Who runs the Partnership?

A: The Partnership was established and is managed by Anti-Slavery Australia, a non-profit legal, policy and research centre at the University of Technology Sydney.

Q: Who is funding the Partnership?

A: The Partnership was established through initial seed funding from the Australian Government.

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Q: How will joining the Partnership benefit me?

A: Membership brings you the unprecedented opportunity to connect and collaborate with professionals around Australia and across different sectors on modern slavery. Whether you are interested in victim/survivor support, research, advocacy or other areas, membership allows you to exchange knowledge, discover resources, develop networks and problem-solve with other members and experts in the modern slavery space.

Q: Who can join the Partnership?

A: We welcome all partners who are interested in and engaged with modern slavery issues in Australia, including those who do not work directly in this space. Membership is open to individuals and organisations from other relevant sectors, including domestic and family violence, migration and refugees, women’s rights, labour issues, health, education and child protection. Members must be based in Australia.

In this current phase of the online community, we are accepting members from community and frontline service staff, as well as public sector stakeholders. Examples include non-profit and civil society organisations, advocacy groups, community groups, academics, researchers, trade unions, non-business peak bodies and associations, healthcare providers, education providers, policy officers and law enforcement.

In subsequent phases of the Partnership, membership may be extended to business and private sector stakeholders.

If you are interested in joining but are unsure whether this Partnership is right for you, we encourage you to submit a membership request here.

Q: How do I join?

A: All members must be approved before they can access the Partnership community. To request membership, please complete the registration form here. Your membership request will then be sent to the Site Administrators for approval. You will be notified of the outcome via email.

Q: What does it cost to join?

A: There is no cost to join the Partnership.

Q: What are my responsibilities and commitments as a member?

A: As a member, you are expected to comply with our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

General members have no set requirements in terms of time commitments or what contributions they are expected to make. However, we strongly encourage you to be active and engage on a regular basis to maximise the benefits of membership, enrich the community experience and ultimately catalyse progress towards our common goal of ending modern slavery in Australia.

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Q: What can and cannot be shared in the Partnership?

A: The Partnership is a private community for you to have candid discussions with other stakeholders in the modern slavery space. You are welcome to share your experiences, thoughts and insights on matters relevant to each sub-community, network or special interest group that you are a part of.

This community is not suitable for discussing confidential information and sensitive matters, such as specific instances of modern slavery containing a person’s personal or identifying information. If you wish to refer to a specific modern slavery case or an experience with a client, you may have general discussions so long as you use your discretion and do not disclose any personal or identifying details about the particular client or matter.

Please exercise your judgement, remembering that your posts on the discussion boards and blogs are visible to other members.

Q: Who can see the things I post?

A: All other approved members will be able to see your posts. In this initial development phase of the online community, this will be other community and frontline service staff. Examples include non-profit and civil society organisations, advocacy groups, community groups, academics, researchers, trade unions, non-business peak bodies and associations, healthcare providers and education providers.

Q: Can I share information and discussions from the community with non-members?

A: Please be aware that the Partnership is a closed community that can only be accessed by approved members. To maximise the benefit of the community, it is important that members can share information freely. However, please remember that you should not share information that you have obtained with people who are not members, unless the material is publicly available or you have obtained express permission from the author.

If you are in doubt about whether certain information can be shared outside the community, please consult with the Community Manager via Contact Us or by emailing

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Q: How do I report inappropriate or concerning behaviour?

A: If you see a discussion post, library entry or blog post that you believe is inappropriate, please flag it with the moderators by clicking 'Mark As Inappropriate'. On discussion posts, you can find this button by clicking the arrow next to the ‘Reply’ button. On library entries, you can find this button by clicking the arrow next to the 'Actions' button. On blog posts, you can find this button next to the author's name.

If you wish to report a member for inappropriate or concerning behaviour, please contact the Community Manager via Contact Us or by emailing

Q: Where do I go if I have comments/complaints/feedback/suggestions?

A: To send comments, complaints, feedback and suggestions to the Site Administrators, please Contact Us or email

Q: My question hasn't been answered here

A: If you have additional questions, please go to the Q&A thread in the Open Forum to post your question or check if your question has already been answered. We are frequently updating the top post with common answers as questions come in. Alternatively, you can ask questions to the Site Administrators directly via Contact Us or